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Thank you for vising my site. My name is Jun Kurema. I am Japanese, residing in New York.  This site is a counterpart of my Japanese site and contains translations of articles from the Japanese site.   Contents might be slightly different as I am trying to tailor articles to non-Japanese readers here.

Following three topics will be discussed in this site.

  Investments in the US 

This section focuses on the the investment structure (eg. IRA, 401(k)) as well as investment options in the US.  My main focus is investments to stocks, but topics about cryptocurrencies will be discussed occasionally.

Internet Business

In this section, topics about how to set up blog site (getting domain name, renting web hosting services), how to use word press, SEO (Search Engine Organization), and internet business (affiliate activities, etc.) are discussed.

Life in the US

This section deals with any other money-related topics which are not classified to the above two sections. The topics include tips which might help you in living in the US, enjoying life (traveling, etc.), or earning some beer money.


Forums have been set up for each of the three topics above.