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      Jim Cramer advises investors not to get too optimistic over Moderna vaccine progress (

      • “You need a barbell with the Covid-19 winners on one end, the stay-at-home stocks,” and the “economic recovery winners on the other end,” CNBC’s Jim Cramer said.
      • “The barbell portfolio was the best strategy for today,” given the latest developments from Moderna, the “Mad Money” host said.
      • ″[I]f there’s another big outbreak and we have to go back into lockdown, many of today’s winners will come right back down,” he said.

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      Executive Interviewer: Denny’s CEO on restaurant reopening strategy, weathering pandemic (

      Denny’s CEO John Miller said more than 500 of Denny’s locations are open for dine-in service in the United States.

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      Executive Interview: Avaya CEO talks partnering with RingCentral, deploying artificial intelligence (

      Avaya CEO Jim Chirico discussed partnering with an industry leader, helping with Covid-19 response in Mississippi and supporting remote work.

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      Cramer’s lightning round: Penske Automotive is ‘a very inexpensive stock’ (

      • Seattle Genetics: “I like Seattle Genetics very much. … I think that they’ve got an amazing pipeline, one of the best I’ve ever seen and I think you should own the stock.”
      • Qorvo: “I think Qorvo’s fantastic … [it’s] levered to 5G.”
      • Penske Automotive Group: “I actually think it’s a very inexpensive stock … that stock is way too cheap.”
      • Virtu Financial: “I think it’s a very smart, good company with a lot of really smart people and I’m surprised that it’s still only — it should be more of a fintech company. It doesn’t deserve a nine multiple. It deserves a 12 multiple.”
      • Exxon: “I don’t like Exxon as much as Chevron. Chevron’s a better run company right now. It just is.”
      • Energy Transfer: “I would dump that right into the Delaware Water Gap, let it go up a couple points and then just drown it.”
      • Mastercard: “I mean it’s levered to world travel and world commerce, and that’s hurt the stock, but look, my charitable trust owns it, I think it’s a terrific situation, but remember: we have to be cognizant that again it came into this Covid [pandemic] with a 40 multiple and that’s too rich, given the fact that worldwide commerce is slowing.”
      • RingCentral: “I think RingCentral’s terrific. You know, RingCentral is one of those companies that are going to be down on a day like today. Why? Because it’s very good for the office at home. … That’s why it was down 22. There’s nothing wrong with it. … Give it a couple days and it’s going to start moving up again, but it is up 55% for the year.”

      Ticker: SGEN, QRVO, PAG, VIRT, XOM, CVX, ET, MA, RNG


      Executive Interview: Thoms H Lee Partners co-president discusses the pandemic’s impact on the health-care system (

      Thomas H. Lee co-President Scott Sperling broke down lessons learned from the pandemic and the state of nursing homes.


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