How to Get Free Google Play Credits or PayPal Payout (Google Opinion Rewards) 

I would like to discuss about how to get Google Rewards credits (or cash through PayPal for iPhone users) by answering Google’s short market research surveys using App called “Google Opinion Rewards”.  This App has been available for many many years, but I have just found out about it last year.  It was actually a big disappointment for me for not having known until then.

So, I would like to introduce this app for those who haven’t awared of it yet.   I originally thought that this was a privilege given only for android phone users, but since Apple’s App Store also has this app, it seems that this App can be used on the iPhone, too.   In the case of iPhone, the reward will be sent by PayPal.

Step 1: Download the app

There is no desktop version, so your first step is to download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store to your smartphone.  You can use the links below or search “Google Opinion Rewards” to find the app.



Step 2: Registration

For registration, you will need a Gmail address.

(1) Select a Gmail address you intend to link with the app and enter a zip code.

Note: Rewards earned by iPhone seems to be paid by PayPal, so you Gmail address you are going to use should be also used for PayPal (or you should register with PayPal using that Gmail Address).

(2) Select your age range.

(3) Select which language you use (English or Spanish).

Now, you are ready to go.

Since I have been using Android phone, I have used Android version of this app so far, but I installed it on the iPod Touch in preparation for writing this post.   I used the same email address with the one I have been using for the Android version, but it seems both accounts will not be linked, and the balance for the App in my iPod Touch as of today is zero as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 3: Turn on Location Services

Please skip if you have already turned on this service.

If not, please follow the instructions for your phone type.  It seems that more surveys will be assigned if GPS is always on.

Step 4: Answer Surveys

All you have to do now is wait for surveys to appear.

Each survey is quite short,  probably takes about 20 seconds to answer for a simple one.  Even the longer survey could be answered less than a minute.

Step 5: Receive Rewards

The amount of rewards varies depending on the length of the survey. In my case, I was awarded somewhere between $ 0.10 and $ 0.65 per survey.

For you information, I answered the first survey on April 15, 2018, and I completed my 200th survey on June 4, 2019.  The cumulative rewards I received during these periods were $ 46.44.  So, although payout per survey is small, Every bit counts.

By the way, during April 15, 2018 and September 8, 2020, I answered 325 surveys and received $ 79.36 cumulatively. This means I have completed 125 surveys and received an additional $ 32.99 in 15 months since June 5, 2019.

Step 6: Use Rewards

(1) Android users: 

You can use the Reward to buy apps, games, movies, TV shows, music, or in-app purchases on Google Play.  However, it can not be used to subscribe to magazines, or to purchase hardware and accessories.  In addition, it should be noted that it will expire one year after it is granted. (Reference: Opinion Rewards Help: Redeem Rewards)

In the beginning, I used Google Rewards to pay for purchasing paid-version of smartphone apps when I liked free version, to buy Ebooks and Audioboooks from the Play Store, and to rent movies. Recently, I’ve been using the Rewards to purchase Poke coins for Pokemon Go.

(2) Apple Users (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

As mentioned above, users of Apple products will receive rewards through PayPal. The money will be automatically sent to your PayPal account when the amount of the rewards reaches to $2.00. When it happened to me, I received an email from PayPal notifying me that Google Rewards had made a deposit on Paypal, as shown in the screenshot below.

By the way, regarding the frequency of payments, the number of surveys available to answer was much smaller than that of Android phones (only 31 times for me during June 5, 2019 and September 10, 2020). Therefore, I received the payout only twice through PayPal, for a total of $ 4.06.

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  1. Name:Michelle Post:September 8, 2020 (Tue) 3:10 am ID:aa36eb5d5 Reply

    It does in fact payout at the $2.00 mark. On my way to my second payout.

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    Good to know. Thank you for your comment.

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    Ok well lers see what happens