Broadway Musical “Oklahoma!”: How to Get Discounted Tickets and Where to Sit? 

I went to watch the musical “OKLAHOMA! today.  I do not think I am the best person to give detailed review for the show.  So, in this article, I would like to give some tips about how to get discounted tickets and which seats would be recommend.

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1. Tips in Getting Tickets

I used the discount code which I found on my favorite site, Broadwaybox.com in getting the tickets for four of us (me, my husband, and parents-in-laws).  Since this musical has just started its performance, the discount rate was not that high compared to long run shows.  Also since it is Saturday, the discount code I had only applied only to relatively expensive seats.  As a result, price of each seat was $129.50 after getting $20 discount (regular price was $ 149.50).  How discount code work differs in each musical, and in the case of Oklahoma, shows performed during Monday through Thursday get more discount.

(Note)  As of June 12, 2019, Broadwaybox.com does not offer discount code for this musical, but theatermania.com does have discount code for shows up to September 1, 2019.  So, please check it out.  Also, it seems tickets are available at TKTS.

2. Seat Recommendations

This was a first time for me to go to “Circle in the Square” where Oklahoma has been performed.  Usually, a stage is located in front of the seating area, and it is easy to spot where is the center orchestra (center seats on the first floor). In the case of the Circle in the Square, the stage is surrounded by seating areas which are spread into three directions.  Therefore, I was puzzled at first which section I should get tickets.  From the conclusion, I would recommend seats which are numbered 200s for the following reasons.

I purchased tickets at the box office a few weeks ago.  And at that time, seats which are numbered 100’s seems to be good seats for me, and  I tried to buy the seats with 100 numbers.  But a lady at the box office told that the 200s would be better.  Therefore, I followed that advice.   From that seat, I was able to see the entire stage pretty well and I was satisfied.  But, to be honest, since the theater itself is relatively small, and they do not have any mezzanine seats (mid-level seat) or balcony seats (seat which if are located even higher), i.e., all the seats are orchestra seats, it is safe to say that we can see the stage pretty good from any seat.  If I really have to rank, seats with 220 – 230 seem to be really “center” seats.

By the way, as shown in the seating chart below, the orchestra pit is located right in front of the seats with 100 numbers. Orchestra pits are usually located below the stage so that it would not disturb audiences’ view.  But in case of this show, Orchestra Pit is nicely located as if it is a part of stage setting and musicians looks like actors/actresses of the show.  However, because the actors and actresses of the musical were moving around in the stage and sometimes acted in front of the seats with 100 numbers, I doubt that view from the 100-numbered seats are obstructed due to the location of the orchestra pit.

Also, ticket holders for seats for row “FL” are seated on the stage where simple tables and chairs are set.   During the performance, actors/actress sit, or lied down to those tables as if those tables are part of the setting.  So, if you can afford to pay extra, getting seats at row FL, I highly recommend getting it as I am sure that seating those seats will give you a valuable experience as if you were part of a musical.

By the way, this is a picture I took before the musical started.  Can you see chairs, music stands and various musical instruments on the right side? This is the orchestra pit.  The photo was taken from the seat number G203.

In this picture, I enlarged the orchestra pit portion.  As you can see, the orchestra was consisted of seven musicians.  Also, people who sit behind long tables with red pots are audiences in row FL.

3. Tips During Performance and Intermission

During the performance, the lights were on most of the time, which might confuse you a little bit.

During  an intermission, cornbread and Chile will be served on the stage.  Since I went to a bathroom first, when I tried to get one they were out of stock (luckily, my husband share me his portion).  So if you are interested in getting free cornbread and chili, it may be better to go to the bathroom after getting them.

4. (Postscript) 2019 Tony Award Winner!

The 2019 “Best Revival Award” was awarded to this musical at the Tony Award ceremony on June 9, 2019.   We decided to watch this musical because it was a revival, i.e., my parents-in-law watched this musical when they were young and wanted to watch it again.  Since the ending scene was slightly different from the original performance (some might not like such difference),  I think those whom had already watched the show in the past performance would enjoy watching again.

Also, Ms. Ali Stroker received the Musical Supporting Actress Award.  She is a first Broadway performer who is in wheelchair and was awarded Tony Award.  It was such a wonderful achievement.  Her performance including her singing was extraordinary and she is totally deserve the award.  If you plan to go to watch Oklahoma, please look forward to seeing her performance and singing.

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