Hawk Host: Why I chose Hawk Host as My Web Host Provider, and How to Sign Up 

Once you get your custom domain, next step is to sign up with a Web Hosting Provider.  I am using Hawk Host, and I would like to explain why I chose Hawk Host as my Web Hosting Provider.

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1. Reasons for Choosing Hawk Host

1.1 Reasonable and Affordable Pricing

Since I cannot say that I compared with every other web hosting providers I do not intent to say Hawk Host is the cheapest provider (and Yes, there are free web hosting services out there).   However, Howk Host’s pricing is very reasonable and affordable.  I signed up for one year contract (original price is $3.99 per month, but $2.99 per month after applying 25% off discount).

If I had chosen two-year contract, the price would have been $2.44 per month after 25% off discount (original price: $2.99 per month) and even cheaper.

1.2 Generous Contents

Following is the major contents that caught my eyes:

  • 10 MB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Databases (MySQL) — This feature makes it easier to host multi-site web page.
  • Unlimited Domains — This feature allows us to use unlimited numbers of add-on domains as well as sub domains.
  • Free Unlimited SSL Certificate
  • cPanel (Benefits of cPanel includes but not limited, to easy installation of WordPress, free backup of data, etc.)

1.3 Hosting Locations

Although Hawk Host is a Canadian company, they have host locations in the following places as of June 13, 2019:

  • Dallas, TX
  • New York, NY
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Amsterdam
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Toronto

Since I am residing New York City, having host location nearby attract me in terms of hosting speed.

2. How to Sign Up with Hawk Host

For reference, following is the procedures to sign up with Hawk Host.

2.1 Get Started

First, please go to Hawk Host’s top page (https://www.hawkhost.com).

You will see a page similar to the one shown below.  If you get this page, please click the GET STARTED button.

If you cannot find “GET STARTED” button like the above,  if you move your cursor to “ALL PRODUCTS” tag, you will see additional menu (“WEB HOSTING”, “DOMAINS”, “OTHER SERVICES”), select “Shared” under “WEB HOSTING.

In the next screen, you will be prompted to select either “Primary” or “Professional”.  The only difference between them is the disk space (10 GB vs Unlimited).  If you think 10,000 MB (10 GB) is enough, click the “SIGN UP NOW” button under the “Primary”.   But if you think you might need unlimited desk space, select “Professional”.

Even if you choose “Primary” here, you can add an additional 5 GB or 10 GB later, however, additional capacity of 5 GB would costs you additional monthly fees of  $5 (or $10 per month for additional 10 GB).  Therefore, I recommend to chose “Professional” from the beginning if you have any doubts that 10 GB might not be enough.

2.2 Input Custom Domain Name You Plan to Use

Once you click “GET STARTED” or “SIGN UP NOW”, you will see following three options.

  • Register a new domain
  • Transfer your domain from other registrar
  • I will use my existing domain and update my name server

Therefore, you need to chose one of them here.

(1) “Register a new domain”

If you do not have custom domain name, and plan to obtain the one through Hawk Host, chose this option.  You can confirm if the domain name is still available by entering the domain name which you would like to use.

In the screen shot below, I input “junkurema2” and chose “.com” from the pull down menu.  If the domain name is still available,  you will get the message that “Congratulations! [domain name] is available!” as shown below.  It also shows the annual fee (it is $10.95 in case of “.com” as shown in the screen shot below).

(2) “Transfer your domain from other registrar

If you have already obtained custom domain name from other registrar, and wish to transfer such name to Hawk Host, you can do so by choosing this option.

In the screenshot below, I inputted “Junkurema” and chose “.com” from the pull down menu.  As you can see, if Hawk Host confirmed that such domain exists, it give the message that “Your domain is eligible for transfer”, with a notation that “Please ensure you have unlocked your domain at your current registrar before continuing”.   Also it shows that cost for transferring the domain (and extend registration for a year) is $10.95.

(3) “I will use my existing domain and update my nameserver”

If you have already obtained custom domain name from other registrar, and want to keep using the same registrar, this is the option you should select.  Actually, this is my recommendation to do so.

I obtained domain name through NameSilo, and changed nameserver using information obtained from Hawk Host so that my domain will show up in the web.   NameSilo only charge $8.99 for registration and annual registration, i.e., cheaper than that of Hawk Host.  Changing a nameserver is very easy and probably it will take just in 1 to 2 minutes.

In the article below, I explained how to get domain name through NameSilo, as well as how to change nameserver.

NameSilo is the cheapest domain registrar as far as I know, which charges $ 8.99 a year. This post explains why I chose NameSilo as my domain registrar, how to purchase custom domain through NameSilo, and how to set up Nameserver (DNS record) with NameSilo after signing up web hosting provider.

2.3 Select Billing Cycle and Server Location

Now, it’s time to select billing cycle and server location.

Regarding billing cycle, you can choose from 1 month ($ 4.99 / month), 12 months ($ 3.99 / month), and 24 months ($ 2.99 / month).   Look for 25% off, for example, there may be a promotional code. It seems that there is Black Friday sale etc.

As for hosting locations, you have seven locations to chose from: Dallas, New York City, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong and Toronto as of June 2019.

2.4 Payment

Once you press the Continue button, you will be navigated to the checkout screen.  If you have a discount code, now is the time to enter  (If the top page announces the “Super Sale: 25% off” message, the discount code will has already been automatically applied, and you can confirm in this screen.

Click the “Checkout” button to go to the payment screen.  As of May 2019, payment with credit card, Paypal, AliPay and Bitcoin / Bitcoin cash are available.

In addition, please note that although the price is shown in US dollar, if you use a US-issued card, it might incur a foreign transaction fees because the Hawk Host is Canadian company.   So, please make sure to use a card which does not charge you foreign transaction, if you have one.

2.5 Receive New Account Information via Email

Once you finish payment, you are all set.  You can expect to receive a confirmation email, shortly.  If the confirmation email does not arrive, please consider checking the spam folder because I found the confirmation email to me in the spam email folder.

Then, you will receive a “New Account Information” e-mail which contains information about the nameserver, control panel address, etc.  Arrival of this email take a while, at least 1 to 2 hours as Hawk Host needs time to set up your account.  For you reference, when I signed up, it took 3 hours when I finally received the “New Account Information” email after I received the confirmation email, possibly because I signed up on the night of the weekend.  So, please be patient.

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