Mad Money: 2022年3月1日(火)の放送の要点

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      2022年3月1日(火)放送のCNBC「Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer」のサマリーです。ビデオクリップ&トランスクリプト(英文)が掲載されているCNBCサイトへのリンクも併記しています。


      (1) Jim Cramer says to be selective buying stocks as the market finds a bottom (

      Investors should be “disciplined” and buy selectively as stock prices fall, CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Tuesday.
      “Have some cash and put it to work slowly, in a disciplined fashion, on the way down. Then you’ll catch the proverbial bottom,” the “Mad Money” host said.


      (2) Executive Interview: Ritch Allison explains decision to retire as Domino’s CEO, expresses confidence in successor (

      • Domino’s Pizza outgoing chief executive Ritch Allison told CNBC that the company is in good hands with its new leadership.
      • ″[Weiner has] really been the architect of much of the innovation you’ve seen across Domino’s, from product, to advertisement, the image of our stores … I just couldn’t be more comfortable handing the reins over,” Allison said.

      Ticker: DPZ


      (3) Executive Interview:Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff discusses quarterly results, better-than-expected guidance (

      Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff appeared on Tuesday’s episode of “Mad Money,” shortly after the enterprise software giant reported quarterly results.

      Ticker: CRM

      [Charitable Trust owns CRM]


      (4) Executive Interview: Coterra CEO says it was an easy decision to start buyback, and the energy firm can sustain it (

      • Coterra Energy is confident in its decision to start buying back stock, CEO Thomas Jorden told CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Tuesday.
      • “We believe in the power of our ability to sustain it,” Jorden said on “Mad Money.”
      • “We look at intrinsic and relative value, and it was not a very difficult decision. We have the cash,” Jorden said.

      Ticker: CTRA


      (5) Cramer’s lightning round: Rent-A-Center is a sell (

      • Rent-A-Center Inc: “It’s just a terrible quarter. It’s at $27 [a share]. I would still sell it. I wish I could be more positive, but it was a very bad quarter.”
      • NIO Inc: “I’m not recommending any Chinese stocks. I think the market situation is too perilous and difficult to do so.”
      • B Riley Financial Inc: “I did do some work with them, and I have to tell you, it’s like every other broker. It’s just down huge. And you can pick your broker, they’re all down huge, and no one seems to want them.”
      • Alto Ingredients Inc: “I do not know them. They’re very interesting, obviously, after what we just saw with [Renewable Energy Group Inc]. I got to look at anything that’s done using any sort of bio.”
      • Stem Inc: “This is a very good company. A lot of people feel that it was just, turned out to be in a commodity business … I think it’s better than that, but I totally understand, no one wants a SPAC.”
      • Origin Materials Inc: “It’s a speculative stock … Renewable Energy was profitable and doing a lot of great things. That is not the case with this particular stock.”
      • Academy Sports and Outdoors Inc: “This is not just a bad market, this is a horrendous market. I’m not going to tell you a stock sells at four times earnings. That doesn’t make any sense.”

      Ticker: RCII, NIO, RILI, ALTO, ORGN, ASO


      (6) [No Video Clip] Jim Cramer discusses surging oil prices and what they mean for the green energy transition (

      On Tuesday’s episode of “Mad Money,” host Jim Cramer discusses surging oil prices amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the challenges associated with the green energy transition.


      Other Stocks Discussed (calls with audience): Microsoft (MSFT) [charitable trust owns MSFT and AAPL], Palantir (PLTR)


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