Mad Money: 2022年8月3日(水)の放送の要点

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      2022年8月3日(水)放送のCNBC「Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer」のサマリーです。ビデオクリップ&トランスクリプト(英文)が掲載されているCNBCサイトへのリンクも併記しています。


      (1) Jim Cramer says Congress’s spending bills could worsen inflation, but he’s remaining bullish (

      • CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Wednesday said that Congress’s two behemoth spending bills have him worried about inflation’s trajectory.
      • “I’m still a bull — I’ve felt bullish since June when I saw commodities were going in the right direction. And I’d be very confident about wage inflation, too, if not for Congress,” the “Mad Money” host said.


      (2) [No Video Clip] Executive Interview: Watch Jim Cramer’s full interview with AMD CEO Lisa Su (

      The “Mad Money” host interviewed AMD CEO Lisa Su on Wednesday’s episode of the show.

      Ticker: AMD [CHaritable Trust owns AMD]


      (3) Charts suggest now is the perfect time to buy gold, Jim Cramer says (

      • CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Wednesday told investors that gold is poised to rally, making now an optimal time for investors to pounce.
      • “The charts, as interpreted by the legendary Larry Williams, suggest that the general public’s giving up on gold en masse,” the “Mad Money” host said.


      (4) Executive Interview: Thermo Fisher Scientific CEO on how headwinds from Covid lockdowns in China became tailwinds (

      CNBC’s Jim Cramer spoke with Thermo Fisher Scientific CEO Marc Casper on Wednesday’s episode of “Mad Money.”

      Ticker: TMO


      (5) Cramer’s lightning round: Canoo is not a buy (

      • MannKind Corp: “No one ever likes me to say anything bad about Mannkind. … What happens if it’s not a good company? Does that matter at all? To me it does, therefore I say, sell, sell, sell.”
      • Canoo Inc: “They just lose money. We’re done with those stocks that just lose money.”
      • Hancock Whitney Corp: “I like those guys. … I think you’ve got a winner there.”
      • Verizon Communications Inc: “I think it’s going nowhere. … I’m not saying sell, sell, sell. I’m saying hold, hold, hold.”
      • Trade Desk Inc: “I think [CEO] Jeff Green is terrific, but the fact is, the overvalued tech stocks are not where to be.”
      • Luminar Technologies Inc: “If you want to be in that business, I like Tesla, and yes, someone give some love to Ford.”
      • Community Bank System Inc: “I like it very much. I think you should own it right here, right now.”

      Ticker: MNKD, GOEV, HWC [buy buy buy], VZ, TTD, LAZR, CBU


      (6) [No Video Clip] Jim Cramer says to avoid these ill-fated moves in the market (

      The “Mad Money” host said that investors should be looking at individual companies when making trading decisions on Wednesday’s episode of the show.


      Other Stocks Discussed (calls with audience): Ulta Beauty (ULTA) [it is an opportunity to buy],  Raytheon (RTX) [buy buy buy; stay on RTX], Ferrari (RACE) [great stock, I would own it], Barrick Gold (GOLD), Vale SA (VALE) [Stay away]


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