Mad Money: 2022年9月1日(木)の放送の要点

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      2022年9月1日(木)放送のCNBC「Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer」のサマリーです。ビデオクリップ&トランスクリプト(英文)が掲載されているCNBCサイトへのリンクも併記しています。


      (1) ‘Don’t be a hero’ — Cramer says unprofitable stocks may have even more room to fall (

      • Investors should continue to shun money-losing companies, CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Thursday.
      • “It’s an unforgiving time. We’re back to the dynamic that defined January through mid-June,” the “Mad Money” host said.

      Ticker: OKTA


      (2) Executive Interview: Signet Jewelers CEO says tough economic times are an opportunity to capture more market share (

      • “Tough economic times are another opportunity for us to grow share, thus our acquisition of Blue Nile,” Signet Jewelers CEO Gina Drosos told CNBC.
      • The comments in a “Mad Money” interview came after Signet reported second-quarter results earlier in the day.

      Ticker: SIG


      (3) [No Video Clip] Am I diversified? ‘Mad Money’ host Jim Cramer makes the call (

      On Thursday’s episode of “Mad Money,” host Jim Cramer analyzed callers’ top stock holdings to determine whether their portfolios are adequately diversified.

      • US Steel, Canadian Pacific, FedEx, Caterpillar, Delta Airline –> Canadian Pacific, Delta and FedEx are all transports; go with Delta and remove others.  Keep Caterpillar, Replace US Steel to Nucor.  Add Eli Lilly (healthcare), add Starbucks.
      • Ford, Apple, Amazon, Wells Fargo, Devon Energy –> all are in charitable trust
      • PepsiCo, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Yum Brands –> diversified
      • JPMorgan, Lockheed Martin, Brown-Forman, CSX, Eli Lilly –> diversified
      • Exxon, Apple, Microsoft, Tractor Supply, Home Depot –> diversified


      (4) Executive Interview: Longtime CEO of Motorola Solutions says demand has never been stronger for the company’s products (https://www.c/

      • “This is the strongest demand environment I’ve ever seen,” Motorola Solutions CEO Greg Brown told CNBC on Thursday.
      • Brown said a radio-refresh cycle in North America is in the early innings, providing a strong tailwind for the company’s business in future years.

      Ticker: MSI


      (5) Cramer’s lightning round: I prefer Pioneer Natural Resources over Marathon Oil (

      • Marathon Oil: “Marathon Oil is good, but why not own one of these with a giant dividend? How about Pioneer? Pioneer has the largest dividend in the S&P, and that’s my one. That’s the thing I would do. [CEO] Scott Sheffield know what he’s doing. He’s terrific.”
      • ICL Group: “I’m going to go with you. [Buy]. I think the time is right for that. By the way, I’ll throw in a twofer. I like Deere, too. I think Deere works a lot.”
      • Skyworks Solutions: “You know what, we own Qualcomm for the Charitable Trust with the CNBC Investing Club. I’ve got to tell you, I think this group right now, it is so low, that if there is any good news out of China, [it could be] a coiled spring. But we need some good news about Covid, and right now, we just don’t see any.”
      • Lion Electric: “There were many couples that we liked for a long time until the Fed changed its strategies, and then when the Fed changed strategies, if they were losing money, they were no longer good. And right now, LEV is one of those that is no longer good. I’m sorry.”

      Ticker: MRO, ICL, SWKS, LEV


      (6) [No Video Clip] Jim Cramer explains why the U.S. restricting Nvidia’s chip sales in China caught him by surprise (

      On Thursday’s episode of “Mad Money,” host Jim Cramer explained why the U.S. government’s new restrictions on chip sales in China caught him by surprise.


      Other Stocks Discussed (calls with audience): Occidental Petroleum (OXY), Exxon (XOM), Kinder Morgan (KMI), Mattel (MAT) [buy buy buy], Walgreens (WBA)


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