Snacks Daily Podcast: 2020年5月18日~5月22日

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      アバター暮眞★潤 (Jun Kurema)

      2020年5月18日 (月) — cf:Robinhood Snacks Daily Newsletter for 5/18/2020

      • Facebook (FB): “ebook needs to spice up its messaging game, so it’s splurging $400M to control your gif game: Buying Giphy.”
      • McDonald (MCD): “McDonald’s whipped up a 59-page playbook on how to reopen its restaurants post COVID-19.”
      • Luckin Coffee (LK): “And remember Luckin Coffee’s $310M fraud last month? It’s pivoting its core biz because it’s more tech than latte.”


      2020年5月19日 (火) — cf:Robinhood Snacks Daily Newsletter for 5/19/2020

      • Peet’s Coffee (private): “Even though IPOs are basically not happening, Peet’s Coffee is about to do one because… coffee — they think it’s recession-proof.”
      • General Motors (GM), Ford (F), Fiat Chrysler (FCAU): “Detroit’s Big 3 carmakers have re-opened factories, so we’re looking at why that’s the most milestone-y moment of the corona-conomy (FYI, 3M Americans work in auto).”
      • Softbank: “Startup-obsessed Softbank is the least profitable company in the world right now (cough, WeWork/Uber, cough), so it’s having a tech garage sale.”


      2020年5月20日 (水) — cf:Robinhood Snacks Daily Newsletter for 5/20/2020

      • Spotify (SPOT): “The biggest podcast in the world just went exclusive with Spotify, making it the biggest punch yet in the battle for your ears (Joe’s now an orchid in Spotify’s gated garden).”
      • Walmart (WMT): “Walmart’s earnings reveal what happens when one business is made “essential” and its competition is deemed “non-essential.””
      • Moderna (MRNA): “Someone’s going to win the COVID-19 vaccine race — Moderna is the $30B biotech company whose good trial results just excited markets.”


      2020年5月21日 (木) — cf:Robinhood Snacks Daily Newsletter for 5/21/2020

      • Lowe (LOW): “Fresh after the first wave of corona-conomy trends, we’re predicting the next megatrend: Pimping yo crib, Lowe’s style.”
      • The Clubhouse (private): “Social network Clubhouse launched this year and just hit a $100M valuation… with only 1,500 users.”
      • Facebook (FB): “Facebook’s newest product transforms instagram from digital magazine to digital department store (so who got Zuck’d this time?).”


      2020年5月22日 (金) — cf:Robinhood Snacks Daily Newsletter for 5/22/2020

      • Ford (F): “Walk on in to the Ford Factory! Actually, don’t — it just closed down right after reopening because a worker tested positive, making it a metaphor for our economic reopening.”
      • Makespace (private): MakeSpace snagged $55M of VC funding to try to *not* be “the Uber for storage.”
      • Retail stocks: And we just finished the biggest week of retail earnings, so we whipped up a 7-question test to determine if companies are winning or losing in the corona-conomy.



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