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      Before use this forum, please read and accept following guidelines.  If you use the forums, we assume that you agree to abide the guidelines. In addition, the guidelines are subject to change without advance notice.

      Purpose of this Forum
      This forum was set up to foster friendship and exchanging information among users.  Also, it plays a role of mini blog site for “Chat about Money by Jun Kurema”, and host of this site (Jun Kurema) plan to use as a place to post a short article when the article is too simple to write an independent article in the main site, or when the host does not have enough time to develop to full articles.

      Use conditions
      There are no special requirements or procedures to use the forum. However, you must accept the guidelines listed in this page.

      Administrator’s disclaimer
      The forum administrator does not assume any liability for any damages arising from the use of the forum. The administrator is not liable for any troubles in using the forum.

      Administrator’s rights
      Administrator has the following rights:
      ・ Removing posts that appear to be offensive to public order and morals without notice
      ・ Take various measures to properly operate the forum
      ・ Close the forum without notice

      ■ Deletion / deletion of posted text
      In the following cases, topics/responses posted on the forum may be deleted or deleted.
      ・ When the maximum number of forum posts has been exceeded
      ・ When the forum system is destroyed, malfunctioning, or updated
      ・ When there is a request for deletion from the person who posted
      ・ When the administrator judges that it is contrary to the management policy of the forum
      ・ When same posts are made twice or texts are unreadable due to garbled characters
      ・ False or false statements are posted.
      ・ When it is judged that it leads to criminal acts
      ・ When it is judged that it is against the law
      ・ When it is judged that it gives disadvantage to other users or third parties
      ・ When it is determined that other users or third parties are slandering
      ・ When it is judged that there is a high possibility of falling under any of the above

      ■ How to request deletion
      To request deleting postings your can either (1) send such request using the inquiry page of this site or (2) start a new topic at the bottom of this page.  In any case, please fill in the forum name, topic title name and, if possible, the “Reply #” (displayed in the upper right) of the comment you want to delete.  In case you use the option (2), your message will be displayed in this page, but eventually deleted once the requested deletion is completed.

      Commercial activities within the Forum
      Commercial activities in the Forum such as posting advertisements as well as pasting affiliate links are prohibited. If posting which violate this rule will be deleted without notice.

      Notes on posted text
      Please pay attention to the following:
      ・ Avoid posting private information (phone number, mobile phone, e-mail, etc.)
      ・ Avoid using machine-dependent characters

      URLs in the Posts
      The administrator will not independently confirm nor assure the contents of the URLs provided by each user.  It is entirely up to the user’s morals, and the administrator will not be liable for any troubles that might arise from the links provided within the forum by a user.

      Other notes
      Since the purpose of this forum is exchanging information between users, not all questions might receive satisfactory answers. I try to answer to the extent possible, but if some of you know the answer, please share your thoughts.

      ■ About your name and e-mail address that are required to be filled in starting a new topic or posting a response
      You can use nickname in the name field (in that case, your nickname will be displayed). Your email address will not be displayed on the site. Also, you can rest assured that the administrator will not send any e-mail to the address entered in this field.

      Forum administrator
      Jun kurema

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