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      This page contains summary of CNBC program “Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer” which was on air on Monday, May 17, 2021.  It also contains links to CNBC sites which contain video clips and transcripts are also listed.


      (1) AT&T’s WarnerMedia spinoff plan ends ‘one of the dumbest mergers in recent history,’ Jim Cramer says (

      • CNBC’s Jim Cramer ridiculed AT&T after shares of the telecom company declined on news that it would separate from WarnerMedia, the media business that came about from its $85 billion purchase of Time Warner in 2017.
      • “It’s not a transformational deal … it’s the final act of one of the dumbest mergers in recent history,” the “Mad Money” host said of the $43 billion deal to combine WarnerMedia with Discovery.
      • “The truth is, AT&T made a boneheaded decision and now they’re paying for it, but in corporate America, no one really pays for it, no one’s even allowed to say it, no one’s allowed to admit it,” he said.

      Ticker: T

      The ups with potential: Salesforce (CRM) + Slack (WORK), Nvidia (NVDA) + arm, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) + Xilinx (XLNX)


      (2) Executive Interview: Generac CEO says work-from-home trends highlights importance of power security (

      Generac CEO Aaron Jagdfeld explained how the rise in work from home is driving more consumers to rely on self-sufficient energy sources.

      Ticker: GNRC


      (3) Jim Cramer sees more pain ahead in cloud stocks, but some names are getting enticing (

      • CNBC’s Jim Cramer said cloud stocks have pulled back hard, but shares could go lower before they reach buyable levels.
      • “Without a major decline in interest rates, I think the cloud cohort will continue to struggle and there’s no hurry to do any buying until we get to lower levels for most if not all of these stocks,” the “Mad Money” host said.

      Ticker: COIN, SQ, CVNA, ETSY, CPNG, CRM [* buy here for a long hole], RBLX, NOW, AFRM, RNG


      (4) Hydrofarm CEO on how the cannabis industry will evolve (

      Hydrofarm CEO Bill Toler explained why the agriculture equipment maker expects most marijuana grow operations will happen indoors instead of outdoors.

      Ticker: FYFM [bargain at this level]


      (5) Cramer’s lightning round: I want you to hold Snowflake (

      • Anthem: “I think if anything I would buy more of it. That’s how much I like them.”
      • Beyond Meat: “Call me a believer … I think that this one is a winner longer term. Short term, obviously a loser.”
      • Snowflake: “I want you to hold Snowflake … because [CEO] Frank Slootman runs that company. I know it sells at 55 times sales, but I will tell you this, he will make money for you because that’s what he does is make money. So please, don’t dump it.”
      • Tuscan Holdings: “You’re going to be taking some pain.”
      • Aflac: “Good insurance company. Not great, not bad.”
      • Proto Labs: “I’ll have to do some work.”
      • United Microelectronics: “I think [it’s a buy].”
      • Emergent Biosolutions: “Jimmy Chill is hard-pressed to be chill on that one. That’s a disaster, and I’m being really, really nice …. I feel bad for JNJ that they ever decided to contract with them.”



      (6) [No Video Clip] The great rate debate – Consequences of rising rates 


      Other Stocks Discussed (calls with audiences): Sanofi (SNY), B&G Foods (BGS), Pinterest (PINS) [hold it], DocuSign (DOCU)


      Ref: Links to other sites that relate to episode of May 17, 2021.




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