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      This page contains summary of CNBC program “Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer” which was on air on Thursday, May 12, 2022.  It also contains links to CNBC sites which contain video clips and transcripts.


      (1) Executive Interview: Molson Coors CEO says company’s supply is well-hedged against inflation (

      CNBC’s Jim Cramer spoke with Molson Coors CEO Gavin Hattersley on Thursday’s episode of “Mad Money.”

      Ticker: TAP


      (2) Executive Interview: ‘U.S. consumer is alive and well’ — Affirm CEO says market turbulence has no impact on business (

      • Affirm Holdings CEO Max Levchin told CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Thursday that despite the market’s poor performance this year, the U.S. consumer – and Affirm customer – are spending healthily.
      • “The U.S. consumer is alive and well. They’re shopping, they’re buying, they’re paying their loans, at least to Affirm quite well,” the “Mad Money” host said.
      • Affirm stock gained 33.8% in the pre-market on Friday but is still well below its 52-week high of $176.65, cooling off by mid-morning and hovering around $21.

      Ticker: AFRM


      (3) Executive Interview: Diamondback CEO says Strategic Petroleum Reserve will have to be replenished but supply chain issues could cause snags (

      CNBC’s Jim Cramer spoke with Diamondback Energy CEO Travis Stice on Thursday’s episode of “Mad Money.”

      Ticker: FANG


      (4) Executive Interview: Enterprise and desktop PCs still ‘a healthy market’ as personal PCs see slowdown, says Micron CEO (

      • Micron chief executive Sanjay Mehrotra told CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Thursday that the market for enterprise and desktop PCs remains healthy despite the personal PCs market experiencing a slowdown.
      • “It’s not like anything is falling off the cliff,” Mehrotra said in an interview on “Mad Money.”

      Ticker: MU


      (5) Cramer’s lightning round: I’m going to pass on Harley-Davidson (

      • Harley-Davidson Inc: “We’re going to have to take a pass on it. … Even though it’s cheap, it’s not what we want.”
      • Talos Energy Inc: “It’s a little small for me, but it’ll do the job. … I think you’ll do fine in that one.”
      • AT&T Inc: “AT&T is making a comeback. … You can ride it for a couple points, not more than that.”
      • Jumia Technologies AG: “It’s too dangerous. … We’ve got to stick together and high-grade our portfolios.”
      • Snowflake Inc: “If you take a view for a Snowflake, if you take a view for a DoorDash, if you take a view for an Airbnb, then you’re not going to look at it for the next two years, then you can start buying Snowflake tomorrow morning.”
      • GoodYear Tire & Rubber Co: “Really bad previous quarter, better quarter this quarter, that’s why it sells where it is. … People do not have faith in [CEO Rich Kramer].”
      • Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc: “I’ve always liked them.”

      Ticker: HOG, TALO, T, JMIA, SNOW, GT, HII


      (6) Jim Cramer says investors shouldn’t allow a tumultuous market prevent them from finding ‘better opportunities’ (

      • CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Thursday said that while investors should tread carefully as the stock market continues to be stormy, they also shouldn’t be afraid to make moves to strengthen their portfolios.
      • “We are very worried about the wealth destruction, for instance, in crypto. We hang our heads on the once-great FAANG stocks. But we can never stop looking for opportunity,” the “Mad Money” host said.


      Other Stock Discussed (call with audiences): N/A


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