Mad Money: 2021年7月8日(木)の放送の要点

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      2021年7月8日(木)放送のCNBC「Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer」のサマリーです。ビデオクリップ&トランスクリプト(英文)が掲載されているCNBCサイトへのリンクも併記しています。


      (1) Jim Cramer blames market sell-off on government failures to contain delta spread (

      • CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Thursday slammed world leaders for failing to contain the spread of the delta Covid-19 variant.
      • “I put this sell-off squarely in the laps of politicians around the world, because we right now have a failure of global leadership,” the “Mad Money” host said.
      • “If we get the COVID variants under control by forcing people to get vaccinated, I think bond yields and the stock market will start rising again,” he said.


      (2) Executive Interview: GoodRx to assist gig workers in pharmaceutical drug discounting deal with DoorDash (

      • GoodRx announced a new partnership with DoorDash to help food delivery drivers access prescriptions at favorably discounted prices.
      • The deal follows a similar one the online marketplace signed with USAA, GoodRx CEO Doug Hirsch said in an interview on CNBC’s “Mad Money.”
      • “We’re focused on trying to serve not just American consumers, but organizations [and] employers — anyone that basically is finding these pain points and wants to have a healthy population,” he said.

      Ticker: GDRX


      (3) Executive Interview: Online thrift store Poshmark CEO sees fashion shift as consumers ‘purge’ closets (

      • Consumers are on a closet “purge” after about a year of lockdowns and as social activities make a return, Poshmark CEO Manish Chandra told CNBC.
      • “We certainly are seeing real change in what people are buying,” he said on “Mad Money,” noting that sales of items bikinis and jean shorts have roughly doubled.
      • “In a way, it’s a gigantic purge, but your purge is value for someone else,” he said of the sustainability-focused retail site.

      Ticker: POSH


      (4) Interview: Dr. Eric Topol: Full FDA approval of vaccines will lead to higher vaccination rates (

      Dr. Eric Topol of Scripps Research joined CNBC’s Jim Cramer on “Mad Money” to discuss what fully-approved coronavirus vaccines could unlock for the U.S.


      (5) Cramer’s lightning round: Meme traders should target Upstart shorts (

      • Anavex Life Sciences: “I’m intrigued because the Biogen data doesn’t look that good. I think you stick with it. It’s real spec, though, but I think you stick with it.”
      • GS Acquisition Holdings: “That’s a very important SPAC that I don’t know enough about … I’ve got to do more work on that particular SPAC because I do hear good things.”
      • Nio: “We’re done with Chinese IPOs. I want you to sell Nio … I want you to sell half of it tomorrow, and I hope it goes up. I love your interest, but I am very worried about China.”
      • Churchill Capital V: “I’ve got to do more work.”
      • Upstart: “I don’t understand the short position in Upstart. Why don’t the meme people, the Apesters, whatever the heck they are [and] call themselves, go after that company because it is really good. Artificial intelligence lending. Would you please go after something good?”

      Ticker : AVXL, BIIB, GSAH, NIO, CCV, UPST,


      (6) [No Video Clip] New angle on worker shortage 


      Other Stocks Discussed (calls with audiences): Corning (GLW) [No] 


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