Mad Money: 2022年1月20日(木)の放送の要点

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      2022年1月20日(木)放送のCNBC「Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer」のサマリーです。ビデオクリップ&トランスクリプト(英文)が掲載されているCNBCサイトへのリンクも併記しています。


      (1) Jim Cramer says the stock market is getting closer to forming a bottom (

      • CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Thursday he believes the stock market is getting closer to an investable bottom after a challenging start to the new year.
      • However, the “Mad Money” host said the market’s steep turnaround late in Thursday’s session “inspired a lot of terror.”
      • That signals the market “still has some work to do” before reaching a trough, Cramer said.

      How do you get a bottom: (i) A large level of Negativity? (yes);(ii) Are we oversold? (too early – we are here) (iii) Have the analysts thrown in the towel? (too early – more towel thrown tomorrow) (eg. AMD, F,  CSCO, PTON); (iv) Are the big gunners getting clobbered? (yes); (v) Do the events that trigger selling pose systematic risk? (yes), (vi) Are the public Markets closed to new deals? (yes); (vii) Can good earnings save us? (too early), (viii) JS Sidelines money ready to come in? (yes); (ix) Could anything change the principal negative? (yes), (x) Is the gov’t outside of the Fed a hinderance or a help (yes)


      (2) Executive Interview: Prologis CEO discusses e-commerce growth after the pandemic and tech solutions to labor availability (

      Hamid Moghadam, chief executive officer of Prologis, appeared on Thursday’s episode of “Mad Money” with CNBC’s Jim Cramer.

      Ticker: PLD [good opportunity to buy]


      (3) Jim Cramer says ‘all banks are not created equal,’ and these are his favorites (

      • CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Thursday reviewed the recent slate of major bank earnings.
      • The “Mad Money” host doubled down on his charitable trust’s ownership of Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo.
      • “All banks are not created equal,” he said.

      Ticker: JPM, JPM, WFC [best performing bank for now]  GS, MS, BAC

      [Charitable Trust owns MS and WFC]


      (4) Executive Interview: First Horizon CEO expects loan demand to remain solid even in the face of Fed rate hikes (

      First Horizon CEO Bryan Jordan appeared on Thursday’s episode of “Mad Money,” discussing the impact of potential rate hikes from the Federal Reserve.

      Ticker: FHN


      (5) Cramer’s lightning round: NextEra Energy is a buy (

      • NextEra Energy: “NextEra is the fastest growing utility. I think it’s terrific, and I actually would be a buyer here tomorrow morning.”
      • Spero Therapeutics: “This is the height of speculation. It doesn’t make any money at all. You literally are hoping that another drug company will buy that company. That’s what must happen.”
      • Moderna: “If we’re near the end of Covid, then Moderna needs to continue to go down a little more, and Pfizer represents a better buy.”
      • On Holding: “I think there are too many shoe companies. I thought that was one of them. I didn’t like Allbirds, I didn’t like On. I just don’t like these kinds of companies. They are too expensive, and they don’t make any money. I mean come on, you’ve got to make money here.”
      • Sanofi: “We’ve had [CEO Paul Hudson] on a bunch of times. I feel the same way, 3.7% yield, it’s fine. … It’s good.”
      • Lincoln Electric: “That’s a really good company. Lincoln is a very, very good company. There we go: A company that makes things, builds things, sells them for a profit. Yes. Hallelujah.”
      • AMN Healthcare Services: ”[CEO] Susan Salka is terrific. The stock has come down a lot. Sells at only 13 times earnings. I say you have to nibble right here. Right here. I like it.”
      • 23andMe: “It’s a SPAC. Look, I think 23and Me, I think GlaxoSmithKline should go buy them. But if they don’t buy them, it will go lower still.”

      Ticker: NEE [buyer for tomorrow morning], SPRO, MRNA [FAE is a better buy], ONON [don’t like these kind of companies], SNY [good], LECO, AMN, ME


      (6) [No Video Clip] No Huddle Offense: Jim Cramer discusses the potential market impact of geopolitical issues in China and Russia (

      On Thursday’s episode of “Mad Money,” host Jim Cramer explained why he believes U.S. equity investors need to keep track of ongoing geopolitical issues in China and Russia.


      Other Stocks Discussed (calls with audience): Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH) [for people tolerate risk, you can get NCLH], Visa (V) [Charitable trust owns MA, better than V], Upstart (UPST) [we are done high flier, fine but not working right now], FS KKR Capital (FSK) [don’t like the business, don’t want to take a risk]


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