Mad Money: 2020年5月27日(水)の放送の要点

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      ‘I think they’re confused’ — Jim Cramer says bull investors have one thing wrong about the economy (

      • “I’m betting the field will be spread out by the time we get to the homestretch, and many of the current winners will fall behind,” CNBC’s Jim Cramer said after stocks rallied on Wednesday.
      • “It’s not enough just to beat the virus, people. Every horse in that front pack also needs the economy to get so strong that we beat sky-high unemployment,” the “Mad Money” host said.
      • “That’s why I’m betting on the stay-at-home tech stocks,” he said.


      Executive Interview: HP CEO commits to company’s buyback program, says stock is ‘undervalued’ (

      • “We still think that buying back stock is good because we think it’s undervalued,” HP CEO Enrique Lores told CNBC’s Jim Cramer.
      • “We think we have an opportunity of raising debt, we also will be giving back to shareholders 100% of free cash flow,” he said in a “Mad Money” interview after posting quarterly results.
      • ″[A]s the [coronavirus] situation gets more stable, we will become more aggressive at buying shares back and returning capital to shareholders,” he said while discussing the numbers.

      Ticker: HPQ


      Executive Interview: Workday CEO talks Q1 earnings, helping companies reopen safely (

      Jim Cramer checked in with Workday CEO Aneel Bhushri coming off the human resource management system provider’s first quarter for its 2021 fiscal year.

      Ticker: WDAY


      Cramer’s lightning round: Waste Management is a buy (

      • Alibaba: “The reason I’ve been recommending ’Baba the whole way is they actually have American financials.”
      • Winnebago Industries: “I think this is a terrific story.”
      • Waste Management: “Waste Management’s a buy. It’s come down enough. It’s paid its dues. I think it’s fine.”
      • Carvana: “I have to go with the trend, here. … There’s a lot going on there that’s good.”
      • GSX Techedu: “I think you should sell that and be in Chegg. … I don’t trust that company one bit.”
      • Slack Technologies: “I’ve liked Slack all the way down. … I like it now. I think it’s a buy.”
      • Citigroup: “It’s very inexpensive, but it’s not allowed to buyback stock.”
      • Switch: “That’s a hot stock. … I want you to hold on to it.”
      • Zynga: “Zynga’s making a comeback.”
      • Goodyear Tire: “Don’t trust it. … I don’t want you to own that stock.”
      • Coty: “Why own a second-rate company — hoping they might be a takeover bid — when you can have Procter & Gamble down big from its highs and having a great quarter?”



      Executive Interview: Air Lease executive chairman discusses state of the airline industry (

      Air Lease founder and Executive Chairman Steven Udvar-Hazy joined Jim Cramer on “Mad Money” to offer insight on the jet business.

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